Teacher Prep at FIU

Our new Teacher Preparation Programs are designed around ground-breaking, national models in Mathematics and Science Education. At FIU, you will learn not only get the subject matter necessary for a strong foundation in subject you love, you will learn about learning in education courses designed specifically for you – a future mathematics or science teacher.

Our innovative undergraduate science and mathematics education programs will prepare you for Florida teaching certification while providing you with a science or mathematics degree. The new Bachelor degrees will give you the top-quality learning and pedagogy experience to ensure your success as a classroom teacher. Programs are currently available in physics, mathematics, chemistry, and earth sciences, with biology expected in the near future.

Support throughout your program

From the very start of your program, you will join our community of students and faculty from the College of Arts & Sciences and the College of Education. Working with our multi-disciplinary team as you experience the best in reformed educator practices provides you with a support system before and after graduation.

Expand your career options in an uncertain economy

Your degree will reflect your science or mathematics training as well as provide you with teaching credentials so that you may choose how to best utilize your degree after graduation. You may want to use your degree to pursue a science or mathematics career, a teaching career, or a technology job that combines both. Your skills as a facilitator of learning in a scientific, technology rich environment are in high demand by the full spectrum of employers.

Be a change agent

You will be empowered with the skills to change the lives of your students, and subsequently your community and society as a whole. Be a part of a revolution in science and mathematics education! Make a difference in how people view and understand their world. Directly affect thousands of lives!