Student Pathways

timeline of la experience

Try teaching (and maybe get paid)

You can “test-drive” teaching through the Learning Assistant (LA) program, a no-strings-attached, on-campus teaching experience. You’ll explore your interest in teaching while helping fellow students learn, plus take a one-credit seminar course that explores the “why” behind how people learn. If you elect to continue, you can join our program and become eligible for additional support.

Learn how to effectively teach in your discipline

The newly transformed programs infuse education theory and practice into your content area, allowing you to learn how to most effectively instruct in your favorite subject area. Content and education courses utilize these instructional techniques so you experience the best models for learning as you learn. Courses such as Perspectives in Math and Science Education, Inquiry Based Learning in Earth Science, and Learning Math with Technology, give you the opportunity to explore your chosen discipline through the special lens of a teacher.

Apply for $10,000 yearly Scholarships

Get Educators in Mathematics and Science (GEMS) is a National Science Foundation Robert Noyce Fellowship Program that provides $10,000 per year Scholarships to science and mathematics majors that choose to teach. Our Noyce Fellows become members of a national network of excellent teachers, and have the opportunity to participate in national conferences. All science and mathematics teacher candidates are eligible apply to the Noyce Program.