Science & Math Teacher Programs FAQ

How do I apply?
Just like any other degree program you can visit the University Advising Center or the undergraduate advisor listed on the advising sheet for your discipline. They will be able to tell you more about the programs and the steps necessary to apply. You can also talk with faculty and staff listed on the contact page.

Why is the admission GPA for Education Majors 2.5 and not 2.0?
The State of Florida mandates that students seeking enrollment in a teacher preparation program have a cumulative minimum GPA of 2.5.

Do I have to be a Learning Assistant (LA) to be in the teacher preparation programs?
No. While we encourage everyone that has an interest in teaching and/or learning to apply to be an LA, we understand that some students may have other commitments that prevent them from spending time as a Learning Assistant. Be sure to speak with the Teacher-in-Residence or a faculty contact in your discipline before making any decisions.

What if I can’t handle a classroom full of high school students?
Being well prepared with a solid foundation in how to engage students in learning the subject that you love goes a long way in managing a classroom. Also, throughout your experiences at FIU, you will have plenty of chances to share challenging moments and discuss (and even try) ways to deal with them. We ensure that you have an active, but well-supported, roll in a learning environment with your first class. This gives you years to get used to orchestrating a full class of middle or high school students.

I’m not sure that teaching is for me but I think I might be good at it. What can I do?
Enroll in the Chemistry Earth Science Physics / Math Education Seminar and apply to be a Learning Assistant. The one-credit course is intended as a teaching “test-drive”. You’ll explore education theory, research, and practices in the context of math and science and you’ll get to try out what you learn in the Seminar on fellow college students.

How much do teachers make?
The starting salary for teachers in Miami-Dade County Public School is $38,500 for a 10 month teaching position. Salaries are increased based on years of experience and additional degrees. Teachers increase their income by teaching night school, sponsoring clubs, coaching, and teaching summer school. With national interest now on teacher preparation, particularly in mathematics and the sciences, we can hope that teacher salaries will increase.