Mentoring and Induction

A Community of Students, Teachers, and Faculty.

At FIU you will work within an extensive learning community dedicated to increasing the number and improving the preparation of science and math educators. College of Education and College of Arts and Sciences faculty work together with current and former high school teachers to provide you with real experiences and practical skills along with a solid foundation in Pedagogical Content Knowledge – the specialized knowledge of teachers.

Teachers that serve as mentors for the FIU pre-service teachers include a FIU Teacher-in-Residence, former high school teachers employed as project personnel, current high school teachers that have trained at FIU in inquiry-based teaching methods, and members of FIU’s FIZMO, a teacher advisory and support group. Mentoring begins with your first field experience. Whether it is working as an LA in an FIU reformed course or observing a high school class, you will have the opportunity to reflect on your experiences framing them within the context of your discipline-specific teacher preparation coursework. Ongoing formative feedback allows you to practice and then improve on what you learn; always evolving in your understanding of creating safe learning environments and experiences for your students.

Upon employment as a high school mathematics and/or science teacher, your connection to FIU continues. Induction into the teaching profession is a long and winding path. A strong support network along with high-quality preparation as an undergraduate will give you the resources and confidence to become an effective teacher. Ongoing support includes professional development workshops, membership in a network of experienced and caring fellow teachers, advice from master teachers and education faculty, and the occasional helping hand in the classroom as you begin your teaching career.

Students that take advantage of the Noyce Scholarship program also receive a year of mentoring from an experienced master teacher in their field.