FL Just Reads Materials for FIU

Provided here are the materials for both the old RED 4325 Just Reads Matrix for Competency 1 and 2 for the secondary education teacher preparation programs and new RED 4325 Just Reads Matrix requested by FL Just Read in January 2012.

The old Just Read Matrix is available in both hard copy and CD as submitted on September 2, 2011. The New Rust Read Matirx will be incorporated into the FEAP redesign of the secondary education programs for November 2012.

Old RED 4325 Just Read Matrix

Old RED 4325 Syllabus

New RED 4325 Just Read Matrix

New Just Read RED 4325 FEAPs Performance Matrix

Reading Competencies Crosswalk in Biology

Reading Competencies Crosswalk in English

Reading Competencies Crosswalk in Social Studies