Profiles of LAs

Laura Gonzalez

My name is Laura Gonzalez and I am currently a sophomore at Florida International University with the intention of receiving an exercise science major with a mathematics minor. I have been a math learning assistant (LA) for a little over a year now and I have enjoyed it to the fullest. While taking the required seminar, I quickly grew passionate towards this program. When I applied learning and teaching techniques presented in the seminar, I noticed a great improvement in the student’s motivation, attitude, and ability to understand the topics presented to them. Ever since I witnessed an improvement within the students, both academically and personally, I felt much inspiration to continue giving my best to the LA program. I will encourage any student interested in it to apply and participate. It will not only change your perspective towards well quality education, but it will give you the opportunity to help fellow math students perform to their best abilities.

Andrew Quinn

As the first chemistry learning assistant I was given the unique opportunity to be part of the growth of a program and see not only the transformation of the program but myself as well. From hands on teaching experience in small groups all the way to large lecture rooms, incorporated with the knowledge gained from the seminar course, the LA program is something that has definitely improved both my academic and teaching abilities. Following my participation in the Learning assistant program I was offered a position as a Teaching Assistant in Chemistry and as of spring 2012 am teaching my third chemistry lab.

As I apply to medical school I know that this experience has made me forever an educator. With that I hope to one day be a physician who can empower his patients with the knowledge to live a happy, healthy, and satisfying life. I see a future as a physician working in the realm of primary care, family practice, and student teaching. I owe it to my experience with the LA program to give me both the passion and skill set required to accomplish these dreams.

Eric Wawerczyk

My name is Eric Wawerczyk. I'm a math major at FIU from Miami Lakes and I am a Math LA. Being a Learning Assistant has helped me meet new people, review my old math knowledge, receive the joy of helping others, and allowed me to try to spread my love for mathematics to other students. I know that my experience as an undergraduate student would not be the same if I were not an LA. I've gained a lot of experience in teaching and learning from my peers and myself, valuable assets that I can use anywhere in my life.