Opportunities For LAs

Science / Mathematics Education Seminar:

New LAs enroll in a one-credit education seminar that provides the rationale and research basis for effective classroom learning. Weekly seminar topics include dialogue in the classroom, Socratic questioning, issues of diversity, student conceptions, and learning through inquiry. Most importantly, all of the topics are explored through specific examples in science and mathematics teaching and learning. The seminar is strongly coupled to an early field experience in an introductory college classroom or laboratory. Right from your first FIU teaching experience you are learning about learning in your chosen discipline. The seminar is operated cooperatively and cross-listed (CHM 3945, GLY 3990, MAE 3893, PHY 3012) with all of the science and mathematics education programs to build a multidisciplinary LA learning community.

Early Field Experience:

New LAs who are enrolled in the one-credit education seminar described above are employed in student-centered, active-engagement classroom or laboratory sections that are a part of our overall efforts in the university to improve the quality of undergraduate education. This no-strings-attached paid, early field experience will allow you a chance to evaluate your interest in the teaching profession in an informed, positive environment. Throughout this early field experience, LAs learn about and practice teaching skills including but not limited to initiating dialogue, Socratic questioning techniques, managing cooperative learning, taking advantage of the learning cycle, using technology as a learning tool, and accommodating diverse student needs. LAs are then able to discuss and critique these experiences within the training and education seminar.

Early Field Experiences for LAs:

Programs Course(s)Early Field Experience
Mathematics*College Algebra, Trigonometry, Business Calculus, Social Choice Math, Calculus I, Calculus II, Multivariate Calculus, College Geometry, Discrete Math, Linear Algebra, Introduction to Advanced MathematicsRoles vary by professor and section. LAs typically facilitate cooperative group study and problem solving.
PhysicsGeneral Physics Lab I, General Physics Lab II, Physics w/ Calculus I: Modeling Section, Physics w/ Calculus II: Modeling SectionLAs aid in the implementation of guided explorations of physical phenomenon. Assignments may include prep time.
Earth ScienceVaries.

*Note that not all sections use LAs and that not all courses listed have LAs every semester.

In-School Experiences:

More experienced LAs often find that they want to work with some of the high school teachers working in partnership with FIU to improve science and math education at all levels. LAs wanting to see how high school teachers implement student-centered, inquiry instruction are assigned to work with a master teacher in creating meaningful learning experiences for high school students. The opportunity to participate in this experience depends on the availability of teachers within our collaborative. If you are interested, contact the Teacher-in-Residence, David Jones, at djones@fiu.edu.

FIU GEMS Scholars:

Once you have made a commitment to teach, you can apply for an FIU GEMS Scholar stipend of up to $12,000 per year. The stipend is provided to mathematics and science majors that choose to complete a teacher preparation program and is funded by the Noyce Foundation.